Services and commitments

It is of utmost importance for us to establish very tight relationships with all our customers, it eases the communication and the common understanding whenever problems rise.

As a consequence, we aim at developping strong and close ties with all of you, based on mutual trust and respect, that will benefit both parties.

For this purpose, our strong expertise and R&D capabilities as well as our laboratory and production facilities remain at your disposal.

We, finally, also highly value all your comments that may help us enhance the quality of the products and services we wish to supply you with.


Our laboratory is  equipped with state of the art equipments such as: spectrophotocolorimetry software and computer, light cabin, extruders of different sorts, Press,... and we commit ourselves to: 

  • Perform all your colourmatching requests within 10 days maximum, even in 3 days in case of emergency.
  • Supply you with free samples of masterbatches, colour dry blends or colouring pastes for approval.


  • FRANCE Colors, thanks to its equipments of last generation, strictly duplicates any masterbatch, colour dry blend or colouring paste from lab to production scale.
  • FRANCE Colors also, commits itself to deliver every incoming order within 10 days or even faster if necessary.