About us

FRANCE Colors is a French company which was formed in 1998, it results from a thorough analysis of the colouration needs of the plastic industry. We combine the technical skills of an international leading company thanks to the strong expertise of our staff members, with the flexibility, the responsiveness and the entrepreunarial spirit of a family owned company.

Independent , we favor long-term investment rather than immediate financial results.

In addtion, as an ECO friendly company, we always try to anticipate future legislations such as REACH ...For example, we have banned Heavy metals and phtalate components from our company for many years.

France Colors is certified ISO 9001 : 2015 accredited by SGS ICS FRANCE.

Our location in the "French Plastic Valley" enabled us, at first, to serve the Rhône-Alpes plastic market, we are now covering the whole French country and are exporting more than 20% of our production.

In order to constantly get closer to our customers and end markets, the Benelux area is now covered by our exclusive Agent located at Hasselt; furthemore, we just set up with our American partner our North American subsidiary called "NORTH AMERICAN Color".

Finally, the strong commitment of all of us combined with constant specific trainings of every one in the company aim at "delivering all our customers the products and services that will guarantee them success and value creation".