North American Color and our Benelux Market coverage

We are constantly enhancing our market coverage in order to get closer to our customers and provide them with better services: technical advices, reactivity, frequent visits...

Thanks to our very experienced exclusive agent located in Belgium, we can now cover the whole Benelux market and provide our customers with high responsiveness and services.

In addition, our subsidiary, "NORTH AMERICAN Color", we have just formed with our American partner in Ohio - USA, aims at serving the very industrial Midwest and North Eastern part of the USA as well as Canada with the same products that are currently manufactured in FRANCE Colors: colour and additives concentrates for injection and extrusion (blow molding as well), colour dry blends for the rotomoulding industry and colouring pastes for plastisol coatings (Tarpaulins,...).

Important to note: NAC is also representing and reselling in the USA, the products portfolio of the French screen printing inks company TIFLEX and therefore supply the American market with  the Tiflex "Two Part Epoxy Inks" and "UV Curing Inks - One and Two part" products .